Punjab province is bestowed with rich natural resources, hard working population and immense opportunities for investment. Due to liberal industrial policy and improvement in the infrastructure facilities, the investment climate in the industrial sector significantly improved number of Industries particularly the fields of automobiles, power generations, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leathers, surgical instruments, food processes and computer software industries. Directorate General of Industries, Prices, Weights & MeasuresPunjab is making efforts for the promotion and facilitation of the industries. Land acquisition facility and basic data on industrial statistics, in the form of industrial directory, district pre-investment studies and survey reports is available for the guidance of entrepreneurs.

The Directorate General of Industries, Prices, Weights & Measures envisions promoting and facilitating the industries in Punjab.

Under Industrial Location Policy 2003, foreign investors are permitted to hold 100% of the equity of industrial projects without any permission of the Government. No prior government sanction is required for the establishment of an industry out side negative area declared by the district governments, irrespective of the cost and size. However, following industries cannot be setup without prior approval of the Government:

  • Arms and Ammunition
  • Security printing, Currency and Mint
  • High explosives
  • Radio-active substances
  • Alcoholic beverages or liquors
  • Sugar Mils
  • Cement