Land Acquisition Cell

The Land Acquisition Cell (Directorate of Industries) facilitates the Industrial investors to acquire land needed for their Schemes/projects, provided the Scheme/project is aimed at public purpose. The local and foreign investors, engaged or taking steps to engage itself in any industry, are entertained for the facility. Nevertheless, the foreign investors are required to be registered as a Company under the Companies Law of Pakistan.

Document required from the Acquiring Agency for Acquisition of Land
Company’s Memorandum and Article of Association and Incorporation Certificate, required in Company case only.

  • Copy of Aks Shijra pertaining to land sought to be acquired
  • Copy of Record of Rights (Jamabandi) pertaining to land sought to be acquired
  • Copy of the Field Book (relevant extract)
  • Copy of Khasra Girdawari (relevant extract)
  • Site Map of the proposed land
  • Project study report