Development Schemes

Directorate General of Industries, Prices, Weights & Measures, Punjab has introduced three schemes:

Improvement and Up gradation of Boiler Inspection Wing

The upgraded Boiler Inspection Wing provides technical training of competency certificate in the field of Boiler Engineering. An Industrial Training Centre is also required for the installation of huge, high pressure and modern technological boilers.

Sports Goods and Material Testing Laboratory

As there is a great need of accredited test facilities in the Punjab region, therefore, the Department has proposed the establishment of material testing labs throughout Punjab. The main task of such labs is to assist the enterprises that not only control incoming material from subcontractors but also perform the quality control tests required. Moreover, it also assists the manufacturers with tests needed for CE marking and export market such as EU. Mainly testing of mechanical properties such as strength, ductility, hardness, brittleness is needed but the lab can also be asked to test stability and other characteristics of ready made products.
The proposed mechanical testing lab in Sialkot will assist the manufacturers with testing and assessment including technical documentation and in this way will reduce high cost and time spent. The laboratory shall have the quality system in accordance of ISO 17025 and preferably will be accredited by a European body. The lab will build a strong relation with the local industry. Most importantly, it will help to improve the image of Sialkot region in particular and Pakistan in general as a quality supplier in the International market.

Capacity Building of Directorate of Industries Punjab

Punjab has 36 districts wherein planned industrial growth is necessary. The role of Directorate of Industries is to facilitate/assist prospective investors/ manufacturers to produce value added products of their own choice. Therefore its capacity building is imperative.